Our mission

Advancing knowledge, transforming lives.

Our vision

The University of Plymouth is renowned for high quality, internationally-leading education, research and innovation. We make a positive difference to people’s lives. With a truly global outlook, we are an inclusive and inspiring university community. Our students are our partners on their journey of discovery.

Our commitments

We deliver high quality research-led and professionally-relevant teaching. A stimulating student experience ensures challenge, personal development, and employment success.

Our research embraces real-world challenges to advance and translate knowledge and to drive innovation and enterprise. We prioritise collaboration and interdisciplinary excellence.

Our services, estate and infrastructure are an enabling force that supports and enriches our vision and community. They are highly effective and efficient.

Our graduates are highly capable, confident and adaptable global citizens. Succeeding in their ambitions, and leaders of the future, they make a difference in society.

Our staff are creative, empowered, and take responsibility. We work with our students as partners and strive for exceptional performance in everything we do.

We are financially sustainable, enabling long-term investment in our University. We are higher education leaders for sustainability; economic, environmental, and social.

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