• The student visa is granted by the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate for Naturalization & Residence, and United Arab Emirates generally for a period of 3 years. The visa is extended (renewed) if the student continues to be a bona-fide student of the SUC.
  • Documents required for processing renewal of student visa are:
    • 6 passport size photographs.
    • Visa renewal processing fee at the time of renewal
  • The student will be required to undergo and pass a medical examination undertaken by the UAE Health authorities before his residence visa can be renewed. The SUC PRO or IES will assist the student in this process.



  • BBA in International Business
    BBA in International Business provides the details of operations and management of international business in its various dimensions and contexts and equips the students to execute their responsibilities. read more…
  • BBA in Public Administration
    BBA in Public Administration focuses on training manpower for effective administration, urban management, formulating policy and implementation, managing environment and public sector activities. read more…
  • BBA in Marketing & Retail Management
    BBA in Marketing and Retail Management is intended to prepare students to comprehend basic marketing and retail management concepts and operations. read more…
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    BBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship play an important role in the social and economic development of any economy in the world. Entrepreneurial start-ups strengthen the economy by identifying new opportunities and redirecting resources to them. read more…


SUC follows a non-discriminatory policy to admit all such students who have completed the General Secondary School Certificate of UAE or its equivalent as per International Grade Conversions published by World Education Services Inc. read more…

  • BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
    BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management produces skilled manpower which meets the exponential growth in the air-transport, accommodation, tour operation, MICE and retail sectors in the region and worldwide. read more…
  • BBA in Accounting and Finance
    BBA in Accounting and Finance is designed to develop the understanding of the functional and operational areas of finance and assessing and managing risk in organization. read more…
  • Human Resource Management and Psychology
    BBA in Human Resource Management and Psychology is designed to provide an understanding of issues in HR and Psychology and be able to appreciate the importance of psychology in understanding human behavior and the impact on the work environment. In the new millennium the major issues for Human Resource Management. read more…



Become A Successful Business Leader with one of our MBA programs .

  • MBA Emphasis on E-Governance
    MBA Emphasis on E-Governance provides an opportunity for the students to learn the theories, practices, and skills relating to E-Governance and take initiatives for exploring new dimensions of E-Governance. read more…
  • MBA Emphasis on International Business And Marketing
    MBA Emphasis on Marketing is the distinction between international business and the domestic markets is fading away. Global strategies in the field of marketing, supply chain management and global competitiveness have taken a major role in determining the trade flows. read more…
  • MBA Emphasis on Finance
    The MBA with Emphasis on Finance equips students to acquire specialized skills and knowledge in understanding and analyzing financial transactions and related activities of an organization as well as to make effective and ethical financial decisions related to the same. read more…
  • MBA Emphasis on Sustainable Development
    The MBA with Emphasis on Sustainable Development provides an understanding the elements of sustainable development from the field of social sciences and equips the students to develop and evaluate strategies for managing natural resources and sustainable economic development. read more…
  • MBA Emphasis on Strategic Human Resource Management
    The MBA with Strategic Human Resources Management prepares students to play an important role in managing the human resource requirements of an organization. read more…
  • MBA Emphasis on Strategic Management & Leadership
    The MBA with Emphasis on Strategic Management and Leadership focuses on providing knowledge, skills and competencies to become a strategic leader in corporate, private or government organizations. read more…
  • MBA Emphasis on Project Management
    The MBA with Emphasis on Project Management enable students to understand the various dimensions of project planning, implementation, scheduling and completing the project on time. In addition the evaluation of projects in terms of the resources and the risk associated with the project selection and completion is emphasized. read more…


Choose from among various GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED certification programs. Our programs are equipped to meet the needs of dynamic national, regional and global business environments.

  • CTH DIPLOMA IN TRAVEL & TOURISM MANAGEMENTThe CTH Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management has been designed to provide participants with an understanding of the global structure of tourism and hospitality industry and its components. more…
    The Diploma in Events Management is meant for beginners aspiring to enter Events Management industry as well as experienced ones to groom them into certified professionals.
    The Airline Customer Services Course has been designed to provide its participants at entry level to the air transportation industry with the knowledge of the applicable passenger handling services.
    The CTH – Diploma in Air Cargo and Logistics Management is a three-month program that provides participants from industry or beginners with the skill to understand the Air Cargo industry.
    This program is designed for those who wish to have a career in the travel industry, travel consultancy, or large companies responsible for making travel arrangements.
    ACCA offers many career options in terms of roles and sectors locally and internationally. Some of these are Financial Accountancy, Management Accountancy, Corporate Governance and Business Advisory.

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