The Washington University of Barbados was established in 2016 and is devoted to preparing and educating students from across the globe to become professional doctors. Our motto at Washington University of Barbados is ‘Where Passion Meets Excellence’. It is on this premise that our dedicated team of qualified lecturers and staff seek to provide our students with the best medical education available in the Caribbean.

We are one of the few universities that implements the elements for USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) within its curriculum. We offer Basic Sciences, Pre-Clinical Courses and Clinical Rotations. All programs are approved by the Ministry of Education in Barbados and accredited by many other reputable organizations. WUB is also affiliated with hospitals in the United States.

Why WUB?

Famous for its pristine beaches, Barbados is a place which carries the all-inclusive beauty of nature. In addition to the dazzling powdery sand, magnificent turquoise blue waves and mesmerizing sunsets. Barbados’ capital and The Garrison are listed by UNESCO World Heritage. There is a lot of history and folklore that adds to the charm and intrigue of the island.

Studying at an international medical school is a desire for lots of students across the globe. You can make it a reality with WUB. Barbados is the perfect place to study medicine and WUB is the perfect university.

One of the greatest strengths of WUB is the commitment and quality of our faculty, whose primary objective is to mentor of medical students.

At WUB, our faculty has been renowned both for their exceptional professional credentials and their strong commitment to teaching. Faculty members are eager and skilled to train the next generation of physicians through problem-based learning, lectures, and community involvement.

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